WATCH this video and LEARN how you can invest in real estate online and participate in 8% returns without lifting a finger. Invest in SFIFund Direct’s Turnkey Rentals and let us do the work finding the real deals and managing the tenants we put into place with 24/7 property management.




Who We Are

SFIFund Direct is striving to become the Nation’s #1 Turnkey real estate investment company in Ohio. The company consists of 3 legs:

• SFIFund LLC- a Real Estate Fund that Buys, Rehabs & Holds on to Properties Producing 8% cap.
• SFIFund Direct- the Marketing Company for the Turnkey Properties
• Buckeye Property Rentals- the 3rd Party Management Company Locates, Renovates & Manages the SFIFund portfolio of OH rentals.

Collectively we are a full-service real estate firm that buys, renovates, and manages hundreds of tenants and properties. The renovation, management and operational leg is a local real estate investment company who buys residential properties throughout greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas. We have a consistent and very credible reputation for helping investors find the perfect Turnkey Rental for their retirement account or portfolio. We know the area, own a large portfolio of these turnkey properties and have a large footprint. We can move fast to close and guarantee an easy transition so you can avoid any hassles and quickly start receiving deposits into your bank account.

What We Do

SFIFund Direct delivers superior service and competitive pricing on Turnkey Rentals in Ohio. Our experienced team understands every aspect of the Turnkey process from acquisition to re-sell to tenants to technology that streamlines the business.  We are equipped with the infrastructure to provide a seamless investment experience and a quality product based on our experience. Whether it’s investing, buying, selling, property management or creative funding solutions, we are committed to our investors and take pride in exceeding expectations.

We’re easy to work with and always create lucrative, win-win solutions. We’ll do our very best to help you in any way we can so you can buy properties directly from the fund.

Turnkey Investment Solution

SFIFund Direct offers fully rehabbed single-family properties rented to qualified tenants with seasoned leases. Full property management is in place with our guarantee.

Our goal is to provide investors hassle-free residential investment properties.  We have unlimited capital to purchase properties at bargain prices from motivated banks and sellers. We have a team in place to follow a strict Checklist to renovate these properties and take them to their highest and best use.

Once the property is fully renovated our property managers take over and place vetted and qualified tenants into the property for long-term leases. We season the lease to ensure that the tenant will not be an issue, usually 3-6 months is a good indicator. Last SFIFund Direct hosts online events, live event and markets to resell the Turnkey Rental(s) to investors like yourself. This opportunity allows investors to enjoy a positive return on your investment and streamline your short-term real estate activities or long-term retirement plan with our team!

Start Investing in Turnkey Rental Properties TODAY!!!!

Our business model guidelines, process and checklist, and most importantly, our experienced team make us stand out above the rest of the turnkey providers in the market place. We have grown steadily using our Turnkey  Property System and Checklists. Our investors are looking for a proven, secure real estate ROI. Many of our investors are from out of state and even outside the country, but year after year they come back to add to their portfolio!